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    Venice of crystal and twilight, as Borges wrote, a mirror of a thousand reflections through which you lose yourself, at the mercy of a swoon from an excess of beauty and seduction.

    Bewitched by the mysterious light of the night, it is easy to encounter one’s soul and catch, even if just for a moment, the very essence of life. A sliver of the moon peeks out from the east while a sailing ship glides silently into the San Marco basin, pushed by a loving breeze that tickles its sails and plays with its ropes hanging loose.

    In this city where stones turn into water, wood transforms into stone, and street lamps bear the color of sunset, the celestial body sung by poets radiates over the lagoon, turning it into a silvery expanse. Eternal alchemy, with neither beginning nor end.

    Alice Burato
    Lagoon, Laguna
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    Crafted from Canaletto walnut wood and stainless steel, supported by a rope similar to those used on ancient sailing ships, Luna offers a contemporary and innovative interpretation of one of Venice’s most famous artisan traditions dating back to the Middle Ages: the production of mirrors.




    • Made of Canaletto walnut wood and stainless steel.


    • The product, by its very nature, may be subject to dimensional deformations and color variations over time.
    • Clean using only a soft cloth without soaps, oils, or corrosive substances.
    • Do not expose to contact with heat sources or direct flame or incandescent objects.
    • he variability in the product’s appearance constitutes a value and denotes the craftsmanship of the work.

    Specifiche tecniche

    • After application, the rope may oscillate, allowing the product to change shape.
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