If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    Love for Venice. Passion for wood

    The ineffable essence of a city that is rebellious yet elegant, cosmopolitan yet absolutely Italian, is captured in the material mankind has used for millennia, from everyday items to masterpieces.


    Lunardelli Venezia creates fine objects that express Venice’s soul in all of its facets. It pairs wood and other precious and traditional materials to re-interpret the island’s historical know how, amplifying its potential with a modern approach to design and production.

    + - The reason behind wood

    Hidden in the foundation of calli and palazzi, wood upholds Venice; it marks the waterways throughout the lagoon, offers boats a harbor, and was a crucial element in the Serenissima’s awesome seafaring vocation. Ductile and alive, it is the ideal companion on a journey in search of perfect shape.

    + - Invisible innovation

    From CNC machines to smart functionalities, Lunardelli Venezia explores all the opportunities new technologies offer modern craftspeople to manufacture with top quality, meeting clients’ needs. To give but one example: an NFC tag is added to each piece, to guarantee its authenticity.

    + - Respect for the environment

    Strong in the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness they upheld in their previous experiences, the founders of Lunardelli Venezia are extremely careful about the environmental impact of every stage in the production process. In particular, they avoid synthetic materials and instead favor reclaimed wood, made unique by the passage of time.

    + - The utmost luxury of details

    Talent and experience, passion and the tradition of Made in Italy come together with the common goal of creating high-quality home accessories, in which even the smallest detail has been thought of. This is the real luxury of Italian design and elegance – a luxury you can take back home, alongside the memories of a wonderful city.

    We take excellent craftsmanship into the new millennium,
    so that Venice’s soul may live anywhere in the world.
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